Welcome to FishTrax Online

This site is used by independent fisherman in Northeastern region of the US who are members of Northeast Sector Services Network (NESSN) Sectors to track their sector fishing, trades, and quotas. The total FishTrax system includes this web site, on board data collection tools, electronic reporting and integration tools with NOAA/NMFS/SIMM, management tools for Sector Managers, a mobile phone app for dockside monitors, and trip reporting messages via satellite or email with NMFS, manager & monitors.

A Login is Required

Access to most of the features of FishTrax is limited to NESSN members. If you don't have your username and password, please check with your Sector Manager or contact us to help you get set up.

Getting Yourself Set Up

When you set up your accounts for the new year, be sure to have the list of all your captains and their operator permits so that we can set up user accounts for everyone who needs to use FishTrax On Board to track their catch.