About FishTrax

FishTrax is a project of the Northeast Seafood Coalition designed to make it possible for groups of independent fisherman to work  together in Sectors. All the technology tools are built and maintained by The Geek Gene.

The reporting requirements for Sectors are rather convoluted and complex, so we built FishTrax to simplify the process as much as possible and do most the work for you.

There are many programs which to work together throughout different parts of the fishing data management process.

FishTrax Onboard

FishTrax Onboard is a stand-alone application which fisherman use on their vessels to collect detailed catch information. They capture haul-by-haul catch information with GPS coordinates to determine stock attribution.

The onboard application also sends the required  trip start and end hails via VMS, prints VTRs and sends information to the sectors to generate full VTRs electronically.  It synchronized the detailed catch data with the Sector servers and receives automatic software updates either over an Internet connection or via a USB thumb drive.

FishTrax Online

FishTrax Online is the brains behind the operation. It receives and relays transmissions from vessels, dockside monitors and sector managers. It poweres this web-based toolset for managing Sectors, Sector members, fishing plans, associated operators, vessels, quota and quota trading.

FishTrax Dockside Monitoring (DSM)

There are two parts to the Dockside application. The DSM Hub receives Trip Start Hails from vessels, sends authorizations to fish, and allows the dockside monitoring vendor to select trips for monitoring and assign monitors to each trip.

The DSM Handlheld application runs on Android-based smartphones and enables monitors to enter all the weights for landed fish, digitally sign their reports, and send them immediate to the Hub application, the appropriate Sector and government agency.